Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if I forget my card when I go to the restaurant?

Your account information can be looked up at the restaurant when providing a drivers license or picture I.D.

2. Can you use more than one Premier Card towards one check?

No. Only one Premier Card can be used per check.

3. Can I add cash to my Premier Card at anytime or just during the stimulus offers?

Cash can be added to your Premier Card at any time in any of our locations. Please note: Bonus incentives for Economic Stimulus purchases are only valid during the time of the promotion.

4. Once I buy a card in the restaurant how do I register it?

Log on here to register your McLoone's Premier Card.

5. What is the website that I can go to, to check the status of my account?

Log on here to check the status of your McLoone's Premier Card.

6. If I lose my Premier Card, do I lose all of my points I have accumulated as well?

Points and values can be transferred to a new card in the event of a lost Premier Card.

7. Can my Premier Card be transferred to another person’s name?

No. Memberships are nontransferable.

8. Is there an annual membership fee or is it a one time payment? Do I need to renew my membership?

McLoone's Premier Card membership is a lifetime membership and does not require renewal at any time. Please note: Memberships that are inactive for one year will be canceled and a new card purchase is required to reactivate the program.

9. If I have already purchased a Premier Card do I need to re-submit my credit card information when registering?

Credit card information is not required when registering online. Log on to here to register your card.